Will my keychain discolour?

The metal keychains, lobster clips and attachments are made from zinc alloy metals and have been plated in silver, light gold or rose gold tones. Due to their vary nature all plated zinc alloy products will tarnish over a period of time – the speed of which will depend on many different factors.

What is tarnishing?
Tarnishing refers to a layer of corrosion formed on metals after a reaction with other chemical compounds. When your plated keyring comes into contact with bodily fluids, acids, oils, air, or water, its metal component reacts with them, causing it to wear down and tarnish. The speed at which plated metals tarnish depends on lots of contributing factors.

Environmental factors like pollution and humidity may play a role in tarnishing plated alloy metals. Oxidisation, the chemical reaction when certain metals are exposed to oxygen can also occur, and that is a hard thing to avoid (because, air – we all need it!).

Things like salt water, harsh cleaning products and alcohol based products (such as hand sanitiser) may also speed up tarnishing process. And for some, even our own body chemistry can cause plated alloy metals to tarnish quickly. Hormonal and pH related differences can contribute to why some people’s plated alloy metal products tarnish faster than others.

Please know that we source all of our materials from reputable Australian suppliers, and we strive hard to produce quality products. However due to tarnishing being a chemical reaction due to varying factors out of our control, SMOOCH + HUGGLES are unable to guarantee the length of time your alloy metal keyring, lobster clip or attachment will remain untarnished.

If your keyring, lobster clip or attachment tarnishes you may use a product like “Brasso” to remove the green/black markings. Note this will not restore the keyring, lobster clip or attachment to the gold or rose gold that it previously was – this is because that plated layer has corroded. It will instead polish it to a brass or copper colour.