Ordering, Processing, Shipping + Returns

Some of our products can be placed on back-ordered and some are also available for pre-sale. These options will be noted in the individual listing for these products. Back-ordered products will generally be back in stock within 3 weeks and pre-sale items will have an approximate timeframe. Any changes these to will be thoroughly communicated to you.

If there is no option to back-order or for pre-sale, please feel free to send us an email noting the product you are after and we will try to assist you.

We absolutely love receiving custom orders and bringing your vision to life. Please feel free to get in touch with details of what you require and we would be happy to help.

You may use the contact page or can send an email to getyours@smoochandhuggles.com.au

Unfortuantely, any personalised, custom or giftbox orders cannot be cancelled once placed.

If you have ordered a keychain or lanyard without any personalisation or customisation and you wish to cancel your order, please contact us within 8 hours of placing your order.

1) Personalised/Custom Products
Customers will not be eligible for a refund or replacement of personalised or customised products:

  • where errors occur from a typing error that you may have made on the internet; or
    • for defects that are the result of ordinary wear and tear or abnormal use;

Our personalised products are made-to-order according to your requirements, and as such we cannot accept returns where the customer has changed their mind.

As there are many spelling variations for names, please ensure spelling is checked before an order is placed.

2) Non-Personalised Products
SMOOCH + HUGGLES inspect all items for quality control prior to shipping.
We strongly recommend that you add parcel protection insurance to your purchase at the checkout.
In the unfortunate event that your goods are damaged during delivery please refer to the below returns policy:
1. Customers are required to inspect goods upon arrival and to notify us of any damages relating to the order within 24 hours of receipt. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take any action on reports beyond this stated period unless parcel protection was purchased with your order.
2. Please notify us via email to getyours@smoochandhuggles.com.au and include your invoice number, your best contact number and photos of the damaged goods.
3. We will gladly replace or credit damaged items on agreement provided that written notification has been received via email to getyours@smoochandhuggles.com.au within 24 hours of receipt of goods.
4. We do not refund or exchange for change of mind.

SMOOCH + HUGGLES only use the services of Australia Post for shipping, and all items that get posted out and done so with a tracking number.

Australia Post offers two shipping options - standard or express.

Standard shipping turnaround time is approximately 3-10 days depending on whether it is within the same state or interstate and whether it is metro or regional, while Express Post time frame is 1-3 days. Please note with the current COVID-19 Pandemic, there may be delays to the Australia Post quoted time frames, and, SMOOCH + HUGGLES cannot be responsible for delays outside of these guidelines.


Shipping is dependent on the weight and size of the parcel but as a guide, standard shipping starts from as low as $6.40 and express post from $11.95. All parcels are sent out with tracking details.

Product Usage + Care

No, our products have not been tested or approved to be used in this manner. In 2015, the ACCC changed and reclassified the terms teething necklaces and teething jewellery as Teething toys. To comply with mandatory AU/NZ safety standards, we do not refer to any of our silicone products as “teething” products, nor recommend that they be used as such.

SMOOCH + HUGGLES is serious about safety, and complying with Australian law. While we source only high quality non-toxic materials, we do not endorse them as “teething toys”, “teething aids” or “chewable”.

Despite being lightweight, silicone beads are fairly strong, however all silicone bead products should be handled with care. Please avoid pulling at silicone bead products.

While silicone beads will not absorb odours or support the growth of mould, fungus or bacteria if cared for correctly, they can attract dust or lint so we recommend keeping away from dark clothes. Wiping down with a fragrance free baby wipe can easily remove any lint or dust.

Please avoid cleaning with any harsh chemicals or liquids, including alcohol wipes/hand sanitiser. If your silicone beaded product has gotten soiled and baby wipes are not doing the trick,  you can gently wash the silicone beads and cord only (not the metal keyrings, acrylic or wooden parts) under running water with some mild dishwashing liquid and then hang to dry.

Please also avoid long periods of exposure to the sun.

The beads themselves should not fade or change colour if cared for correctly.

The metal keychains and attachments are made from zinc alloy metals and have been plated in silver, light gold or rose gold tones. Due to their vary nature all plated zinc alloy products will tarnish over a period of time - the speed of which will depend on many different factors.

What is tarnishing?
Tarnishing refers to a layer of corrosion formed on metals after a reaction with other chemical compounds. When your plated keyring comes into contact with bodily fluids, acids, oils, air, or water, its metal component reacts with them, causing it to wear down and tarnish. The speed at which plated metals tarnish depends on lots of contributing factors.

Environmental factors like pollution and humidity may play a role in tarnishing plated alloy metals. Oxidisation, the chemical reaction when certain metals are exposed to oxygen can also occur, and that is a hard thing to avoid (because, air - we all need it!).

Things like salt water, harsh cleaning products and alcohol based products (such as hand sanitiser) may also speed up tarnishing process. And for some, even our own body chemistry can cause plated alloy metals to tarnish quickly. Hormonal and pH related differences can contribute to why some people’s plated alloy metal products tarnish faster than others.

Please handle your acrylic products by the side (or by the keychain/cord or if cake topper, by the stem) to avoid finger prints.

Please do not use any harsh cleaning products or rough cloths as these will scratch the acrylic. We recommend cloths similar to the smooth prescription lens cloths as they limit any scratching if used gently.

SMOOCH + HUGGLES only use professional commercial grade permanent adhesive vinyl which has a minimum adhesive life of 3 years.
To get the full life of the adhesive, please
- do not pick or peel at the vinyl decal/s
- do not soak the product
- gentle handwash only (if the base product allows this)
- do not scrub
Vinyl decals are not microwave/dishwasher safe.

This is a general guide only and your product will come with care instructions specific to that item.

As with our adhesive vinyl, SMOOCH + HUGGLES only source and use professional, commercial grade iron vinyl, or otherwise called heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

Washing Instructions:
- turn t-shirt instead out (if hat, please place inside a delicates washing bag)
- wash in cold water
- do not use bleach or fabric softeners
- do not dry clean
- do not iron
- tumble dry on low heat

Please note: This is a general guide only and your product will come with care instructions specific to that item.